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Tea History in America
$9.95 on Amazon

The 2017 new, updated release of
Rodris Roth's reference book,
Tea Drinking in 18th-Century America

Twitter Social Networking
Jennifer Petersen, Cuppa Countess
Have you wondered how to put the Extra *Zing*!
into your Social Media Marketing?
Pick up the pace with
Presentations via
Pinterest, Audio, Video and Podcasting!

You've probably seen them- Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Podcasts...
Do you know how to use streaming media? 

Did you know how they can help grow your business?  Do you know how to use them on your website or in your blog? The interaction with listeners and viewers make a remarkable difference in how you engage your community.
If you're baffled by setting up your account, which media to use, or even if it's right for your business, this is the class for you!
What you'll learn:
  • How to share helpful videos and pictures your customers can then share with others
  • Which tools you can use and how to set them up
  • How to use Pinterest as a business promotion
  • How to integrate videos, pictures and audio with other social networking tools
  • Learn the basics of podcasting and how to get started 




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Marketing and Social Networking come Alive! Register Now!

You’ve heard the question: “But does it have legs?!”

Life is made up of choices: you may choose to work your way through time-consuming, free tutorials or pay an exorbiant fee for some personal coaching programs that give out small amounts of information for medium prices that eventually amount to....an exorbitant fee.
Brandie Kajino and I believe that we can meld the two along with time in between classes to actually refine your social media pages and we can do both in a reasonable time and investment.
It’s one thing to have a website or blog and to be linked in through twittery accounts—do you know in which order to develop them?
Now that you have a business and website, learn how to maximize your bottom line through effective Social Networking. Whether your business is brick & mortar or a virtual store, Social Networking Alive!™ is for you!



Only $117 for the 4-teleseminar classes -  Social Media Marketing series (30 day) course, including Free Bonuses, Study Guide and Downloadable Class Recordings. Best value!

Download your December 2017 tea calendar. Make notes. Make tea. Make merry!

Every month I'll sent to you, for as long as you want, a free monthly printable tea calendar and updates on all things tea.
Next, there'll be a confirmation e-mail with a link to my downloadable Tea Flavor Wheel to help you define and describe the various teas you are tasting. Enjoy!

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